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SRHPF 12-04-JS  

Iconic Civil War Building to Become Seminary Ridge Museum: Groundbreaking Marks Beginning of Rehabilitation, Trail Construction


April 25th On The Gettysburg Seminary Campus


(Gettysburg, PA)  The Gettysburg Seminary Ridge Museum will mark the beginning of rehabilitation of Schmucker Hall on Wednesday, April 25th on the East side of Seminary Ridge in Gettysburg, PA. The rehabilitation focuses on the 1832 Seminary building that was the center of the Union lines and last ditch stand on July 1, 1863, and the field hospital that housed more than 600 wounded men – as it undergoes a $13 million dollar rehabilitation and adaptive reuse. 

Considered by many to be “the most important Civil War building not in the public trust,” the project will open as a museum next spring, in time for the 150th anniversary of the great Battle in July 2013. 

Seminary Ridge Museum officials will reveal the new graphic branding and name for the new museum and include a special announcement related to fund raising for the project. Partners and friends will also place shovels into the ground to break ground for the first phase of an historic walking pathway to be created on the 52 acre campus. This is the first part of a mile loop across the Ridge featuring waysides that tell the religious and historical legacies of the Seminary Ridge, as well as the events connected to the Battle of Gettysburg as it unfolded on the grounds.

The Gettysburg Seminary Ridge Museum is a joint venture of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, the Adams County Historical Society and the Seminary Ridge Historic Preservation Foundation. Located on the Seminary campus and part of the Gettysburg Battlefield's hallowed ground, the new museum offers an unprecedented opportunity to interpret the first day of the battle, the care of the wounded and human suffering that took place within Schmucker Hall during its use as a field hospital and the moral, civic and spiritual debates of the Civil War era.

Within the walls of Schmucker Hall, the historic Seminary building where these events transpired, voices of history will come to life to educate generations and to stimulate awareness of human character, causes and consequences of war and the enduring American spirit. Just as the “Peace Light” was added to the Battlefield at the 75th anniversary of the Battle, the Gettysburg Seminary Ridge Museum will be, in 2013, one of the lasting legacies of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and the American Civil War.  

Archeological finds have generated extensive excitement in the early rehabilitation of the project. Workers have found letters to wounded soldiers, medicinal containers, 19th century seminary artifacts, and even shoes connected to the construction of the building. Other discoveries on the campus ground have included bullets, buttons and buckles from the intense fighting that took place just west of the iconic structure.

Major support for the project has been received from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Federal Highway Administration, Commonwealth Cornerstone Group, and PNC Bank among others.

Seminary Ridge Museum officials expect the museum to hold a grand opening on July 1, 2013, the 150th anniversary of the Battle and the day the building became a field hospital.

Speakers for the day include historic, governmental and financial partners in the project. Reporters and media representatives are invited to register in Valentine hall, 61 Seminary Ridge, at 1:30pm, Wednesday, April 25th, one half hour before the 2pm event. Media representatives who pre-register ( will receive advanced copies of information to be revealed April 25th.

Parking is suggested for Hay Street and Springs Avenue for the afternoon event.  Questions and more information may be directed to the Seminary Ridge Historic Preservation Foundation offices at 717.338.3010 or , or on the web at .



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